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Coaching, Supervision and Workshops


My coaching practice has grown out of my passion for supporting people to get more of what they want in all areas of their lives. Initially I supported other therapists to develop their practices in ways which they found most satisfying, encouraging them to consider their work more holisitcally, and to recognise that the happier they are in their work, the more their clients will benefit too. I discovered I loved this focussed work that was not in itself therapeutic, but that still felt transformative. As my confidence has grown I have started offering coaching more widely, not just to other practitioners but to anyone who is interested in a holistic and embodied approach to thinking about their life.

If you're interested please contact me to discuss your needs and what I can offer.


*** Please note (November 2023): I am currently unable to take on new supervisees and will update this when circumstances change ***

I offer clinical supervision to other therapists working with adults and adolescents. I love the collaborative nature of supervision and my approach is relational, integrative and holistic. My approach allows you to decide if you want the focus to be entirely on clinical work, while also allowing space to explore aspects of your life that may impact your practice should you wish. I have experience supervising therapists trained in a range of modalities including Humanistic, Psychodynamic, CBT, body-based therapies, person-centred, Integrative and Gestalt.


Sessions are possible either online or face to face. My current fee is £80. My preference is to work fortnightly for 50 minutes although in some circumstances I will consider meeting monthly.


Workshops for Therapists

I run workshops for other therapists interested in building a more satisfying and sustainable practice. The focus of this work is to clarify and define what we want from our therapy practice and provide opportunities for identifying beliefs and issues that may be holding us back, offering a framework to explore how we can create and achieve the practice that works best for us.  Please contact me for more information.

Feedback from past workshops:​

‘Six of the most useful hours of my therapy training. It has transformed my practice and my sense of myself as a therapist, boosted my client numbers and what I can charge.’  Karen, Cardiff

‘What an amazingly powerful workshop. I have made key changes both to my practice and to how I take care of myself with professional support. I feel really grateful for the well planned, well led and enjoyable day.’ Florence, London

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