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From Functioning to Flourishing





"A truly enriching experience that surpassed my expectations on many levels.

The weekly sessions quickly became the highlight of my week."

"I am thrilled with the treasures I've uncovered in myself following Claire's Holistic Life Review."

"I am left feeling affirmed and boosted. Each session was as valuable as a therapy session.

I can't recommend this course highly enough."

An opportunity to step back and take time to reflect: What really matters to you? What’s working and what’s not? Where are you stuck? How can you move towards more joy and satisfaction...?

This is a chance to come together with others to address these questions and more, developing skills and insights week-by-week through simple yet powerful exercises. Explore ideas for personal change as well as increasing your sense of clarity, purpose and aliveness.

CLICK HERE to read more feedback and testimonials from past participants.

Who is it for?  Anyone, from any walk of life, at any stage of life!​ Particularly valuable for those in a time of transition, who might be questioning or feeling stuck - or for anyone who would simply value taking the time to take stock. 

How? An online interactive course facilitating a process of reflection, developing and deepening skills of attunement and discernment, visioning, planning, and overcoming obstacles over four weekly interactive Zoom sessions.

The Holistic Life Review will run again in early 2025

Sessions are recorded for anyone unable to attend every session.

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This course emerged out of my own process over the last few years as I’ve engaged in questioning and assessing different aspects of my own life. I noticed that although I find the process of deep reflection incredibly valuable, I struggle to find the time to do it. The challenge of carving out the time and space can in itself feel too much and I know I’m not alone in this: the sentiment that ‘life is living me’ is commonly felt.

I realised I could usefully combine my skills and experience as a therapist along with those I've gained running workshops and coaching other therapists to offer something more widely, a course relevant to everyone. I'm offering this in a group format as some of the most powerful processes and the greatest learnings in my own life have come from working in groups. There is a richness of experience to group work that's very different to individual work.

The course pulls together some of my favourite aspects of working as a therapist and coach: encouraging people to strive for their best experiences in life, not just good enough. I’ve drawn on a range of influences including Gestalt therapy, body psychotherapies - particularly Pesso Boyden Method (PBSP), Tantra, Internal Family Systems (IFS) as well as coaching and life design principles.


A simple overview of the structure of the course:


Week One 


Where are you now and how do you feel about it?


Week Two

Developing skills of feeling and assessing:

How to better discern what you do and don’t want.


Week Three

Deepening skills and visioning:

Where next and what’s in the way?


Week Four 

Planning and reviewing:

Overcoming obstacles and moving forwards.

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Testimonials and feedback from past participants:

"The Holistic Life Review course was a truly enriching experience that surpassed my expectations on many levels. The weekly sessions quickly became the highlight of my week, offering a space for meaningful reflection and exploration in the company of like-minded individuals. Claire skilfully guided us through a series of exercises that encouraged deep introspection and dialogue, leading to moments of profound insight and growth.

I gained invaluable clarity about what truly matters to me in life and discovered newfound momentum towards aligning my actions with my values and aspirations. The course provided a roadmap for navigating life's transitions and challenges with grace and purpose.

One aspect that particularly stood out to me was the diverse mix of ages among participants, which brought a rich tapestry of perspectives and life experiences to our discussions. This diversity not only broadened my own understanding but also fostered a strong sense of community and connection throughout the course. I can't recommend the Holistic Life Review course highly enough to anyone seeking a supportive community, profound self-discovery, and tangible steps towards a more fulfilling life journey."                                         

       Olivia, London


"Claire was a really brilliant leader and facilitator, and held the group and individuals incredibly well. This generated a strong sense of possibility and of safety, in both breakout rooms and whole group work, and struck me as quite remarkable. The course was designed carefully to build and develop over the weeks, so that each exercise yielded its own insights while contributing to a broader and longer-term programme of reflection and development: I found it immensely generative."

        David, Cambridge



"This course takes you on a carefully paced journey beneath the surface of what you think you know about your life. Through considered exercises and key prompts, you find yourself compassionately examining the neglected areas and the blocks you have unwittingly constructed to your own growth and fulfilment. 

One of the most powerful components of this for me was the role of the group. Claire fostered a really supportive environment, in which the usual dread of breakout rooms was dispelled and those spaces were some of the most rich and fruitful. This happened in both the witnessing of other peoples' reflections (which so often mirrored my own) and of being given time to feel safe to share as much or as little of what was coming up for me.

I am left feeling affirmed and boosted. I am making changes, and being kind to myself in the process. I have met some wonderful people who I wouldn't normally cross paths with. Each session was as valuable as a therapy session. I can't recommend this course highly enough."

       Rosa, Cornwall


"I am thrilled with the treasures I've uncovered in myself following Claire's Holistic Life Review, and the new goals it has prompted me to set. Over four weeks', my attention was drawn to what pleases me, soothes me, and makes my heart sing.  I live in the U.S., with a 6-hour difference in time zones.  The digital format allowed me to participate with the group, fit the sessions into an early morning routine, and when, some weeks, I could not attend a complete session, catch-up with the recording later in the week. 

I consider myself a "gentle Alpha-type".  I am a business executive and a single mother.  I care deeply about, and take actions toward, heart-centered exploration and healing, but my ambitions can shut me off from my heart.  This reflective month of sessions softened me and connected me with a loving group of people willing to be vulnerable and invite my vulnerability."

       Amelia, Wisconsin, United States



"Thank you for amazing sessions over the last month, it has been really thought provoking and a lot to take in (in a good way). You were amazing at facilitation and explaining complex ideas very simply so we could put them into action. Thank you so much!"

       Caroline, Cambridge


"The course exceeded my expectations. You get a lot of bang for your buck. It felt like much more than 12 hours of training, as spread over the four weeks it felt like we had you guide us the whole time. Given what I have spent on other (completely different) training courses this is excellent value.

It's left me with a valuable toolkit for so many life skills which I, my family, my colleagues and my friends will benefit from.  I feel grateful to have been on the first cohort and wish for many others to hear Claire’s wise words."

       Catherine, Scottish highlands


"I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous course. I thought you framed the exercises really well, and I enjoyed the flow of the sessions, which struck a good balance between time in the wider group and smaller group time. In deciding to join, I had a few misgivings about meeting online, but it worked well and I am so pleased I followed my instincts and said yes!"

       Katharine, Adelaide, South Australia


"I found the Holistic Life Review incredibly helpful, and I'm reflecting on it and using the exercises a lot, and drawing so much clarity from it. Everything felt so well-paced, wise and kind. Thank you very, very much!"

       Marion, Cambridge


"I joined the Holistic Life review to do some personal stock-taking and to get to grips with the reasons I kept getting stuck with the book I was writing. I found the course very helpful, at times illuminating.

It has left me better able to cope with my task, better able to think about myself, and generally feeling happier and more positive about all sorts of things. It was also, simply, very enjoyable as well as constructively challenging."

       Ian, Suffolk



"The course was great for me as it was very well held, fast paced, highly structured and focused. I really appreciated the openness of the group; but that was because of your safe holding combined with vulnerability. I think the fact that everyone stayed the course is proof of how good it was."

       Lisa, Somerset


"The Holistic Life Review course achieved what I wanted in unexpected and creative ways. The course is carefully designed, it works well as a whole.  The course being on Zoom in no way took away from an interpersonal dynamic. It allowed a huge variety of people to come who couldn’t have, had it been in-person.

The question ‘what do you want out of life’ was not approached directly but through imaginative, focussed but open-ended exercises which were then shared (as much or as little as we wanted to) in small break-out rooms. As someone with an aversion to break-out rooms I was surprised how wonderful they were. Claire was well able to listen, to support, and to not judge when participants shared. The breakout rooms took that example forward and they were safe spaces to share in."

       Patricia, Cambridge


"Well organised, well structured and professional. Loads of interesting, helpful content and I am grateful you provided a summary after each weekly session. I enjoyed the breakout groups - a great bunch of people!"

       Kim, London



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