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Therapy is an exciting and challenging process that can transform our experience of the world and ourselves in it. It can provide support in times of crisis, and enable us to make the best of our lives when sometimes things don’t go to plan. Therapy can help us to understand ourselves better, to change patterns of behaviour that no longer work for us, to find solutions to challenges we may be facing and allow us to process and move beyond experiences that might be holding us back or bringing us pain. In these ways we can take charge of our lives.


Feelings of confusion, sadness, anger, or being unable to feel at all, how we deal with a specific issue such as a bereavement or relationship breakdown, or simply how we find a sense of meaning and richness to life… these are some of the many reasons why we may decide to start therapy.


I offer humanistic psychotherapy (using the term ‘therapy’ for convenience). I am interested in the whole person: their mind, body, feelings, life circumstances, family history and cultural background. We are all unique, and I believe that each person is the best judge of what is right for them, so the therapy has to respond to the individual. I want everyone I work with to feel safe enough to explore any issue they need to in a non-judgemental and confidential environment.


Therapy can be life changing, life enhancing and sometimes even life saving.

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